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Where can forms be used?

In each form’s settings, you can choose to show that form in three possible places: as part of the request form when customers raise a request, to create new issues, or recommended when adding forms to issues. Learn how to create or edit a form.

All forms behave the same way in the issue view, regardless of whether they were filled out in the portal, used to create the issue, or added to the issue manually. Forms appear under Forms in the issue view. Learn how to add a form to an issue.

Raise requests using forms

When you add a form to the request form for a request type, it’ll appear for customers to fill out when they raise a request of that request type in the portal. Learn more about the portal, or how to add a form to the request form.

In the portal, when a customer is raising a request:

  • The form can be used on its own for raising requests, or used alongside existing Jira fields.

  • The form will appear underneath any Jira fields that were added when configuring the request type.

  • Form fields will look much like regular Jira fields – customers won’t notice that the form is a separate object to the usual request form that they’re used to filling out. However, after the request is raised, the form will be separated, and customers will be able to see it under Forms on their request.

  • If you want to use the form on its own, but automatically fill Jira fields with form field information, you can link form fields to Jira fields. Learn how to link form fields to Jira fields.

Forms can’t be used in certain channels at this time. This includes email, chat, the virtual agent, and the widget.

Create issues using forms

Create issues in Jira Service Management using direct links to specific forms, or general links to select the most suitable. These links can be shared externally so admins, agents, or collaborators added to the Service Desk Team role can submit forms outside the portal. Learn how to create issues using forms.

Add forms to existing issues

Agents and admins can add forms to existing issues. Learn how to add a form to an issue.

When adding a form to an issue of a specific request type, forms that are recommended in issue appear at the top of the list of available forms. This allows agents and admins to add the right form to the issue quickly, without having to search through every available form.

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