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What is the change management workflow in service projects?

The IT service management (ITSM) service project template connects certain requests to a change management workflow. We set up the workflow to complement the following change management process. Use the workflow to transition change request records alongside these ITIL recommended activities:

  • reviews

  • planning

  • approvals

  • implementations

Using request types, you can associate change requests with an issue type called Change. This puts the issue into the recommended change request workflow. We recommend you start with this change management workflow and adapt it to suit your business needs over time.

The ITIL change management process follows the following high-level process:

  1. An internal IT member requests a change. They note details like the affected systems, possible risks, and expected implementation.

  2. The change manager or peers determine if the change will be successful. They may ask for more information in this step.

  3. After review, the team plans how to put the change in place. They record details about:

    • the expected outcomes

    • resources

    • timeline

    • testing

    • ways to roll back the change

  4. Depending on the type of change and risk, a change approval board (CAB) may need to review the plan.

  5. The team works to implement the change, documenting their procedures and results.

  6. The change manager reviews and closes the implemented change. They note whether it was successful, timely, accurately estimated, within budget, and other details.

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