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Feature usage and how it works

Several features within Jira Service Management have items that are useful to measure. For example, Assets contains ‘objects' that can be used to represent physical or virtual items, whereas the virtual agent provides ‘assisted conversations’ for help-seekers.

Currently, you can track usage for Assets and the virtual agent.

How this works with Assets

You can track the number of Assets objects in each object schema and the total number across all schemas in your site.

  • The total number includes all schemas across your site except system schemas. System schemas are schemas used by other features in Jira to store information, such as Services. Read more about Services.

  • This means the number may include objects in schemas that are hidden from some people, depending upon roles and permissions. Read more about roles.

How this works with the virtual agent

You can track the total number of virtual agent conversations and the number of assisted conversations.

Assisted conversations include:

Assisted conversations do not include conversations in your test channel. Read more about the virtual agent test channel.

Track your feature usage:

  • From the top right of your screen, select Settings () > Products.

  • Under Jira Service Management, select Feature usage.

  • View the Assets tab for the number of schema objects and schemas.

  • Otherwise, select Virtual agent for the number of assisted conversations and conversations.

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