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Get to know Opsgenie

Opsgenie is a modern incident management tool IT operations teams can use to minimize the impact of service disruptions and resolve incidents faster. Opsgenie works by becoming the central source of truth for your monitoring systems and custom applications, allowing you to categorize them by their importance and type, and even alert teams if they’re not working as they should.

On-call schedules can be set up to notify the right person (the person designated to be ‘on-call’ at that time) through several different notification channels, including voice calls, emails, push notifications, and SMS. If the person on-call doesn’t acknowledge the alert, Opsgenie will then escalate the alert up the chain to the next designated person to ensure the incident gets the attention it needs.

Watch how Opsgenie improves operational efficiency.

How Jira Service Management works with Opsgenie?

By merging Opsgenie with Jira Service Management, support teams can experience end-to-end incident management from within their own projects through the Incidents category. This experience goes from reporting to escalation, all the way to preventing similar incidents from happening again in the future.

Agents can quickly escalate major incidents to the right on-call teams directly from an incident request. Opsgenie finds and notifies the right people at the right time (through the on-call schedule and any connected services), taking into account the type, source, and priority of the incident. While the incident is ongoing, teams can collaborate with other teams and stakeholders, investigate potential underlying problems, and control the incident's progress.

Because Opsgenie can centralize alerts for integrated apps and tools, IT teams can detect service disruptions before they ever turn into a major incident.

Bi-directional Integrations with ITSM tools such as Datadog and Zendesk are not available in Free and Essentials Opsgenie plans as part of Free and Standard Jira Service Management subscriptions. Upgrade to a Premium or Enterprise Jira Service Management plan for access to this feature.

Learn more about merging Opsgenie with Jira Service Management.

Opsgenie basics

With the introduction of Opsgenie, we’re also introducing many new concepts to the Jira Service Management ecosystem. Here’s a breakdown of the lingo used in Opsgenie:

Incident: A major disruption on a service, requiring hands-on intervention.

On-call: The person who gets notified about an incident.

On-call schedule: Who is on-call, and when.

Alert: A basic notification of a problem. An alert can be triggered with an incident or integrated apps and tools. Opsgenie creates responder alerts for each major incident to find the best person to respond to that incident.

Escalation policy: The order and rules for Opsgenie to decide which on-call to notify until an alert is acknowledged.

Routing rules: A rule set for Opsgenie to determine how to route certain types of alerts and/or certain time intervals (holidays, shifts, time zones).


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