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What is customer service management?

To use this feature, turn on Customer service management on the Features page in Project settings.

The customer service management feature gives agents the visibility and context they need into customers to make important decisions. Dedicated profile pages containing detailed information for each organization and customer allow teams to easily create and modify queues and SLAs specific to their needs by creating more informed JQL queries. This gives agents the flexibility and power to see important information and context where it’s needed.

Enhanced customer understanding

Customer context is critical because it allows support teams to understand the unique needs and concerns of each individual customer. This understanding enables support teams to provide more personalized and effective assistance.

Enabling customer service management adds to the existing customer overview page by creating a unique profile page for each customer. Custom detail fields can be created and added by admins and those details can be populated by agents.

Learn how to manage customer detail fields

Visualize all of your organizations

When the customer service management feature is enabled, organizational overview pages are created for each organization. The organizational overview page displays a list of every organization in a project, its domain, and links to any requests associated with that organization. This overview page elevates the visibility of all customer organizations allowing admins to search, filter, and edit organizational details faster. Selecting an organization will open a details page that contains editable information about the organization and a list of customers within that organization.

Admins can add and edit the types of detail fields that are displayed in the organization details page, and agents can edit the text in those fields.

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Query detail fields with Jira Query Language

Customer and organization detail fields can be queried with Jira Query Language (JQL). You can use these queries to create queues, set SLAs, generate reports and configure automations.

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Customer JQL functions


customerDetail( )

Supported fields

Assignee, Reporter, Voter, Watcher, custom fields of type User

Supported operators


Unsupported operators

= , != , ~ , !~ , > , >= , < , <= IS , IS NOT , WAS , WAS IN , WAS NOT IN, WAS NOT , CHANGED


  • Search for all requests reported by customers in the APAC region:
    reporter in customerDetail("Region", "APAC")

  • Search for all requests reported by customers who are not technical contacts
    reporter not in customerDetail("Role", "Technical Contact")

Organization JQL functions


organizationDetail( )

Supported fields


Supported operators


Unsupported operators

= , != , ~ , !~ , > , >= , < , <= IS , IS NOT , WAS , WAS NOT , WAS IN , WAS NOT IN, CHANGED


  • Search for all requests shared with organizations in the APAC region:
    organizations in organizationDetail("Region", "APAC")

  • Search for all requests shared with organizations that are not in a platinum support level
    organizations not in organizationDetail("Support level", "Platinum")


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