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Write and share effective knowledge base articles

A knowledge base is a collection of articles that help your customers find answers to their questions even before they raise a request. Once you set it up, your knowledge base will be available for your customers even when you're on holidays, working on other requests, or have gone home for the day.

Your knowledge base will also play a key role in improving the quality and accuracy of Atlassian Intelligence answers if your virtual agent is using Atlassian Intelligence answers.

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Here are some examples of situations in which a knowledge base article can help in resolving issues quickly:

  • If you get a lot of similar requests such as How do I access office wifi?, you can write a how-to article. When customers search for ‘wifi’ in the help center, they'll find your article. If they send you a request, you can share the article with them rather than walking them through the steps in a comment.

  • If you're upgrading a system, you can write a step-by-step upgrade guide and link to it from an announcement in the help center.

  • If you usually work on issues that require you to walk your customers through a series of steps to diagnose and troubleshoot a problem such as a broken printer, you can write a troubleshooting guide instead. People can find it in the help center, or you can share it with them in a request.

  • If a team member is unsure of the best way to resolve an issue, they can always refer the articles in your knowledge base for information.

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