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Allow external emails to be added as comments on issues

By default, when someone who is not a request participant sends an email containing an issue key to your service project, their email will create a new issue instead of adding a comment to the original issue.

This can happen when a request participant forwards an email to someone and they reply with the service project email address in the “To” or “cc” fields of the email.

You can choose to allow all emails with a valid issue key to be added as a comment to the issue. You must be a Jira admin to do this.

To allow external emails with a valid issue key to be added as a comment:

  1. Go to Settings () > Products > Jira Service Management > Configuration.

  2. Under Email, select Yes for Allow all emails that contain a valid issue key to be added as a comment to the issue?

This will only enable comments from people with a customer account. To enable comments from everyone, you must ensure the relevant permissions are enabled:

  1. Select Yes for Can customers create their own accounts? on the same page as above.

  2. From your service project, go to Project settings > Customer permissions.

  3. Under Service project access, select Anyone on the web.

Enabling this setting could lead to spam emails being added as comments to issues and being visible in the portal. You can use the blocklist to block specific email addresses or domains. Learn more about the blocklist.

Last modified on Aug 2, 2021
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