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What are the project templates?

When you create a project in Jira, you’ll browse a library of different templates across all the Jira Cloud products you own: Jira Software, Jira Service Management, and Jira Work Management. In the template library, the information and best practices of each template help you select the optimal template that is best suited for your new project.

Jira Service Management has a variety of project templates to help teams get set up quickly by creating projects tailored to a specific team or use. These templates include pre-configured request types, workflows and other features relevant to their type. Learn more about creating a project using a service project template.

IT service management

Designed for IT teams, DevOps, or any team looking for a powerful service management solution with incident and change management capabilities. This template handles service requests, resolves incidents, approves changes, and fixes problems using ITSM best practices. Learn more and try the IT service management template

General service management

Best suited for teams looking for a central place to efficiently collect, prioritize, and manage support requests. This template makes it easy for employees to submit requests, and for your team to respond to them using workflows that support their processes. Learn more and try the general service management template

Customer service management

Best suited for teams needing a branded support experience for external customers, this template is designed to deliver great service experiences by helping your external customers or business partners quickly get the help they need. Learn more and try the customer service management template

HR service management

Designed for HR teams needing a central place to manage staff and their requests, this template provides full visibility of payroll, onboarding, change requests, general inquiries, and other HR services. Learn more and try the HR service management template

Facilities service management

Best suited for facilities teams needing an easier way to track work and manage employee requests, this template manages requests for maintenance, moving, and event planning. Learn more and try the facility service management template

Designed for legal teams looking for a clear and central way to track and manage their work, this template creates, tracks, and manages your contracts through the review cycle to resolution. Learn more and try the legal service management template

Finance service management

Designed for finance teams, this template provides a central place to field queries, and manage budget, spend, and other finance requests, while helping employees find answers to common questions. Learn more and try the finance service management template

Marketing service management

Best suited for marketing teams needing a central place to manage, track, and report on all kinds of marketing requests, this template helps to collect the information needed to get the job done and stay on top of progress. Learn more and try the marketing service management template

Analytics service management

Designed for analytics and data teams that want to capture, triage, and manage requests in one location and help employees access the data and insights they need. Learn more and try the analytics service management template

Sales service management

Designed to provides sales teams with a central place to quickly triage and respond to requests for support, reviews, or approvals needed to keep deals running smoothly.

Design service management

Best suited for design teams needing a central place to manage all incoming design requests and streamline collaboration with stakeholders, producers, and approvers.

Blank project

Designed for teams that want a project with minimal pre-configured settings. Blank projects only have an 'Emailed request' request type and one workflow, to give you a basic starting point to create a bespoke project that supports your team's ways of working.

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