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Create an on-call schedule

This article highlights a new alerting feature that's natively available in Jira Service Management which is gradually rolling out to some Jira Service Management Cloud customers. It may not yet be visible or available on your site.

An on-call schedule in Jira Service Management organizes response duties through customizable rotations. This ensures the right team members are available to respond to alerts, optimizing team efficiency and ensuring service reliability.

When you first launch your operations Jira Service Management provides you with your first schedule automatically. This default schedule is a rotation between the team members on a continuous, weekly basis, starting from Monday to Sunday. Team admins can later edit this rotation, add new rotations or create new schedules.

To create a new schedule;

  1. From your top navigation, go to Teams.

  2. Select your team and scroll down to Operations

  3. Select View operations.

  4. In the On-call tab, select Add ( + ) icon next to Schedules.

  5. Give a name to your schedule and select the timezone you want to base your schedule.

  6. Select Create.

  7. To add a new rotation, select Add rotation.

  8. Enter a rotation name. Then add participants. You can add people, teams, and escalation policies as participants. Each participant will form a shift in your rotation.

  9. Select the duration of the shifts. Jira Service Management will rotate your shifts within the given durations.

  10. Select Shift frequency. This will rotate each participant with the given frequency.

  11. Select a Start time for your rotation. If you don’t set an end time, shifts will rotate continuously with the given parameters. If you want to end this rotation at a specific time, select Define end time.

  12. Review your rotation in the schedule preview and select Add rotation. Add as many rotations as you need.

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