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What are incident conference calls?

Inbuilt conference calls are only available on Jira Service Management Premium and Enterprise plans. If you’re on our Free plan, you’ll need to upgrade to use the features mentioned on this page. Find out more about Jira Service Management plans and pricing.

Video and voice call are vital tools that allow you and your team to swarm on major incidents, helping you to communicate easily and directly with relevant teams so that you can resolve major incidents as soon as possible.

You can access incident conference calls when dealing with an incident by selecting ‘Join call’ or ‘Start call’ using the Conference call field in the Details section to the right of the issue view. Learn how to create or join an incident conference call.

If you have Major incidents in your project, you can access incident conference calls from your queue view for ongoing major incidents by selecting ‘Join’ or ‘Start’ in the Conference call column.

You’ll need the right permissions to use conference calls. If you’re an admin, learn how to set user permissions for the Incident Command Center in Opsgenie.

The main features of Jira Service Management incident conference calls include video tools, live chat with an activity stream updated in real-time, and incident actions such as adding responders.

Built-in chat

Use the chat panel to send messages to other users in the call, and view the activity of participants. To open the Chat panel, select the :message_bubble: icon underneath your video. If the Chat panel is closed when a new message is sent, a notification will appear on the left-hand side of the page.

Screen sharing

Screen sharing helps you to collaborate faster during an incident. To share a screen in a session, select the icon underneath your video.

Adding responders

If you have permission, you can add responders while you’re in a conference call. Select Add Responders under the participants tab in the chat, and enter the team/responder name to add a new responder to the incident. The participant limit for a call is 50 users.

Learn more about using the Incident Command Center in Opsgenie.

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