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Add links to external resources in your portal

The external resources feature allows you to add links to helpful knowledge, communication channels like chat, request forms and more from tools outside Jira Service Management. For example, you could add the link to a video on how to set up your VPN or link out to a document about your leave policy. Or you could share a Slack channel that would guide your customers or employees to the right service team. Or if your HR team uses a different tool to receive requests, you could add a link to request forms that live in this request management system.

Project admins can add and manage these links in Project settings. You can add up to 10 links and they’ll show up in your portal as Related resources.

This feature is currently part of the feature lab, a space where we showcase new ideas and ways of working. It will soon be moved out of the feature lab and be available for all users.

Even if you had disabled this feature earlier, once External resources goes live for all, any links you set up then will start showing up in your portal.

To make sure you have control over the links in your portal, and manage your links before the launch re-enable this feature as explained below.

To enable or disable the external resources feature:

  1. From your project’s sidebar, select Project settings > Features.

  2. Find the external resources feature from the list. Use the toggle to enable or disable the feature.

Once the feature is enabled, to add a link:

  1. From your project’s sidebar, select Project settings > External resources.

  2. Select Add link.

  3. Add details of the link, choose what type of resource you’ll be linking out to, give the link a title and a brief description.

  4. Select Add.

You can drag and drop links from the list to reorder them. To edit link details, select the edit icon (). And to remove links, select the remove icon ().


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