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What are risk insights in change management?

The features described in this article are available for service projects using the IT service management template. Learn more about the IT service management template.

This article refers to features that are currently rolling out. To find out when these features will be live on your site, keep an eye on our release notes or the Atlassian Community.

One of the main goals of change management is to prevent incidents and ensure process compliance. High risk changes in a fast-paced environment might lead to time consuming and stressful incidents. Meanwhile, low risk changes that shouldn’t need to be managed might take up lots of time, and are usually slow. The risk insights panel helps the Change Advisory Board (CAB) understand the potential risks of a change by providing an overall look at recent incidents and other changes scheduled within the same timeframe and same service.

Risk insights panel

The risk insights panel is located on your issue view. In its initial state, it doesn’t show any data. To scan and view all potential risks, the fields below must be available and filled on the issue view of your change:

  • Affected services

  • Planned start

  • Planned end

There are three tabs on the panel:

  • Risk summary – When scanned, the risk summary tab shows you the change conflicts and open incidents on the same service and within the same timeframe of your change.

  • Changes – If there are one or more changes in the same timeframe with your change, you can see them here as conflicting changes. It also shows other changes planned within up to seven days after the planned end date for your change.

  • Incidents – Ongoing incidents on the same affected service to your change are risks. You may also view recently resolved or closed incidents and decide whether they are a risk to the current change.

After scanning for the first time, the panel will show the latest scan results until you scan again.

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