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Integrate with CA Flowdock

If you’re a customer who shifted your operations from Opsgenie to Jira Service Management, adding new instances of this integration isn’t possible in Jira Service Management. You can only edit the integrations that originally shifted from Opsgenie.

What does Jira Service Management offer CA Flowdock users?

The integration enables CA Flowdock users to forward Jira Service Management alert activity to CA Flowdock. Users are notified when alerts are created, acknowledged, assigned, and closed without leaving CA Flowdock.

Edit the CA Flowdock integration in Jira Service Management

To edit a CA Flowdock integration in Jira Service Management, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to your team’s operations page.

  2. On the left navigation panel, select Integrations.

  3. Search for your CA Flowdock integration.

  4. Edit the integration settings and rules as necessary.

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