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Link a form field to a Jira field

Form fields and Jira fields behave differently to each other, but can be linked together. You can link form fields to most Jira fields to ensure automation, reporting, JQL, and other processes work as usual. Learn about the difference between form fields and Jira fields.

You need to be a project admin to link a form field to a Jira field.

To link a form field to a Jira field:

  1. From the navigation on the left, select Project settings > Forms.

  2. Select the form you wish to edit.

  3. Select the form field you wish to link to a Jira field.

  4. In the right hand panel, under Linked Jira field, select the Jira field you want to connect. Any form fields that are linked will be represented with the icon .

    1. If this Jira field is already on the request type the form is associated with, it will be removed from the request type so it can be linked to a form field in this form instead.

  5. Select Save changes.

To link form fields with Jira fields, certain criteria must be satisfied, or your form may not work as expected.

  • Jira fields can’t be on a request form and a form at the same time – For example, if you have added a form to the Get IT help request type, the Description Jira field can’t be on the request form and linked to a form field as it will appear twice for customers. Read more about duplicate form fields.

  • Jira fields can only be linked to once in the same form – For example, if your form field is linked to the Jira field Affected Services, another form field can’t be linked to it too.

  • Linked fields must be the same field type – For example, if your form field is multiple choice, you can’t link it with a text Jira field.

  • Required fields cannot be used in a conditional section – If a form field is marked as required, it cannot be placed in a conditional section.


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