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Link a form field to a Jira field

Form fields and Jira fields behave differently to each other, but can be linked together. Learn about the difference between form fields and Jira fields.

You can link form fields to Jira fields to ensure automation, reporting, JQL, and other processes work as usual. Linking fields means that – if the form is in an open state – information entered in a linked form field will automatically populate its linked Jira field, and vice versa. Learn more about form states.

You need to be a project admin to link a form field to a Jira field. You’ll also need to create a form. Learn how to create a new form.

To link a form field to a Jira field:

  1. From the navigation on the left, select Project settings or Service project settings > Forms.

  2. Find the form you want to edit, and select More () > Edit.

  3. Find and select the field you want to link to a Jira field.

  4. In the right hand panel, under Linked Jira field, select the Jira field you want to populate with the information in your form field.

  5. Select Save changes.

To link form fields with Jira fields, certain criteria must be satisfied, or your form may not work as expected.

  • Jira fields used for linking must be added to all request types that use the form – If you’ve linked a form field to a Jira field, you’ll need to make sure that the Jira field is added to the portal form for every request type that uses the form. Learn how to add fields to a request type.

  • Linked fields must be the same type – for example, if your form field is multiple choice, you can’t link it with a text Jira field.

  • Required status of fields must match – If a form field is marked as required, its linked Jira field must also be marked as required in all of the request types that use the form.

  • Required fields cannot be used in a conditional section – If a form field is marked as required, it cannot be placed in a conditional section.

  • Form fields can only be linked to one Jira field — for example if a form is using conditional sections, multiple form fields under different sections cannot be linked to the same Jira field.


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