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How do forms work in the issue view?

All forms behave the same way in the issue view, regardless of whether they were filled out in the portal, used to create the issue, added to the issue manually, or added using automation. Learn more about the issue view.

Once an issue is created, you may want to add a checklist, or collect more information from your customer or team members. By adding a form to an issue, you can collect information quickly, and all in one place. Learn how to view, add, or edit a form on an issue.

In the issue view:

  • Forms used to create the issue or added to the issue later appear under Forms.

  • When a customer has raised a request from the portal, any information they entered in regular Jira fields will appear at the top of the issue as usual, and the form they filled out will appear under Forms.

  • New forms can be added to issues at any time by selecting Add form from the quick-add toolbar.

  • Agents and admins can view a form and its information by selecting it.

  • Forms added to issues are set to internal by default, meaning that only agents and admins can access the form from the issue. Forms can be set to external, which also allows customers to access the form from the portal.

  • Forms used when raising a request in the portal are set to external by default. Learn how to add a form to the request form for a request type.

  • Depending on a form’s state and settings, an agent or admin may be able to reopen and edit a submitted form, and allow a customer to return to the request in the portal to edit and resubmit a form. Learn more about form states, or about form settings.

  • Forms configured with conditional sections are able to be edited after submission if a form’s state is reopened. To prevent changes to fields that appear in conditional sections, agent edits can be locked if required in the form builder Settings.

  • If Create and attach a PDF of the form to the issue is selected in a form’s settings, a PDF version of the filled-out form will be generated and attached to the issue each time it’s submitted. These PDFs will appear under Attachments. Learn more about form settings.


Let’s say a customer raised a request in the portal. The request form for the request type they raised was configured so that the customer had to fill out some Jira fields, as well as a form. When viewing the issue, you can see the Jira fields they filled out at the top of the issue view, and the information filled out in the form under Forms.

After viewing the issue, you realize you need to get your customer’s address and phone number. You add an “Address and phone number” form to the issue, set it to external, and add a comment to the issue letting the customer know there’s a new form on their request that they need to fill out.

The customer returns to their request in the portal, fills out the newly-added form, and submits it. You return to the issue and view the form they just filled out. Now you have the information you need to keep working on the request.

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