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Import a JSON file into Assets

Assets in Jira Service Management is a Premium and Enterprise only feature. Learn more about Assets.

 This import type will import objects into Assets with a JSON file.

JSON module fields

The following are the module-specific fields that need to be configured for this import type:




Choose a file to upload. Note that this file can be replaced if new data needs to be imported.


The encoding used in the file.

Object type mapping settings



Data source field

The data source field for the JSON import. Learn more about data source fields.

Use [Attribute.*[Attribute]]


  • "items"

  • "items.item"

  • "json.data.systems"

Only JSON arrays are valid as data source fields when importing data from a JSON file.

Automatically creating object types and attributes from JSON

If you selected Automatically create object types and attributes when creating your import structure, object types and attributes will be created based on the JSON file. Alternately, if you have decided to manually map your data, you may need to modify the structure of the JSON file to create the desired output.


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