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Edit a standard flow

The virtual agent is now available for all Jira Service Management customers on Premium and Enterprise plans. Read more about plans and pricing.

While intent conversation flows are used for specific customer questions or problems, standard flows are shorter conversation flows that perform basic, repetitive tasks — like greeting the customer, creating issues, or asking for clarification when something’s unclear. Read more about standard flows.

Some standard flows have editable messages. You need to be a project admin to edit a conversation flow.

Edit a standard flow

  1. From the navigation on the left, select Project settings, then Virtual agent, and then Standard flows.

  2. Select the conversation flow you want to edit.

  3. Select Flow at the top of the page.

  4. Select the step with the message you want to edit.

  5. Under Message, enter what you want your virtual agent to say. Find out how to write effective messages for the virtual agent.

    • To turn off the Greet standard flow, leave the Message field blank.

  6. Select Save changes. Your conversation flow will update with your changes in a few minutes.

Find out how to edit an intent’s confirmation question or display name.

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