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Clone a request

You must have the Create Issues project permission to clone an issue.

If you ever need to create a duplicate of a request, there’s no need to do everything manually. Cloning enables you to “duplicate” a request within the same project, copying over most information from a request like the Summary and Description fields and more. Cloned requests exist as a separate entity to the original request. Their only connection is that, upon cloning, the two requests are linked — though you can unlink them any time.

In the cloning process, some information from the original request isn’t automatically cloned but can be included:

  • Attachments

  • Subtasks

  • Links

  • Custom fields (if they’re set up to be cloned).

To clone a request:

  1. Open an request.

  2. Select ··· > Clone.

  3. Edit the Summary.

  4. Choose what to Include (if any).

  5. Select Clone.

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