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What are request participants?

Request participants are people who agents or customers have shared a request with. They can view, comment on, and receive notifications about the request. By default, they receive the same notifications as the reporter of the request but can turn off these notifications at any time.

You may add request participants so they can provide more information about a request, or to notify them about a request’s progress.

Agents can add request participants by sharing the request from its issue view or by adding them in the Request participants field in the issue view.

Customers and anyone with access to the service project can add request participants from the request view in the help center or via email when they raise a request.

Customer sharing permissions determine who can be added as request participants in a service project’s requests. Learn more about customer permissions.

Request participants follow issue-level security schemes. For example, if an administrator customizes requests so that only reporters can view them, then request participants won't be able to view the request. To update the issue security scheme, admins can refer to the instructions in Configuring issue-level security.


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