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Create and publish a post-incident review

A post-incident review (PIR) is created to learn from the incident and minimize its impact in the future or to prevent it entirely when possible. Learn more about post-incident reviews.

Create a post-incident review

In Jira Service Management, PIRs are a work category. You can create a PIR with the Create button on your top navigation by selecting any Post-incident review request type.

In the PIR issue view, you can select a Primary incident to view the incident’s summary and other details, such as its timeline. When ready, you can draft the review in the issue description and socialize the PIR by exporting it. Learn more about post-incident review best practices.

Create a post-incident review from an incident

If you’re creating the PIR during an incident, you might prefer creating it from within the incident. This will automatically select PIR as the issue type and link the incident to your PIR as the primary incident. To create the PIR from an incident;

  1. Go to your service project.

  2. From the navigation on the left, select Incidents.

  3. Select the incident you want to create a PIR for.

  4. In the issue view, select Add PIR. This will open the issue create modal. The issue type for post-incident review is automatically selected.

  5. Enter details and select Save.

Publish a post-incident review

Once completed, you can publish and share the PIR with your team by exporting it to different mediums.

To export the PIR:

  1. Go to the PIR issue you’d like to export and select the Actions () menu.

  2. Select your preferred export type (XML, Word, PDF, or Confluence) — you must have an active Confluence license and connected Confluence product to export

  3. Select Export.

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