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Add an approval to a request type in team-managed projects

Sometimes a request needs a different person to approve it before it can move along the workflow. Adding an approval to a request type’s workflow means you can choose who approves it, and what happens when it is approved or declined.

You need to be an admin to add an approval step to a request type.

To add an approval step to a request type:

  1. From your service project, go to Project settings () > Request types.

  2. Select the request type that you’d like to add the approval to.

    1. Click the Edit workflow button at the top of the page.

  3. Select the status you’d like to add an approval step to.

  4. Click the + button next to APPROVAL in the right-hand panel to open the approval setup.

  5. Fill in the details. Make sure to:

    1. Enter where the request will be transitioned if it is approved or rejected.

    2. Choose who will assign the approvers for each request:

      1. Customer selects: The customer will assign the approvers when raising the request. A field will be added to the 'Customer portal fields' category in the request type's configuration, to collect the approvers that the customer specifies.

      2. Agent selects: The approvers will be assigned by the agent working on the ticket.

      3. Admin selects: You specify certain users who should always be added as approvers (members of the Finance team, for example). When the approval step is reached, the linked approver field will be filled with these 'preset' approvers.

    3. Select which ‘approver field’ to use. Approver fields are a unique kind of people field. They are used to store a list of people who can approve this specific approval step in the workflow.

    4. Select how many approvals are needed:

      1. All approvers must approve: The request needs all assigned approvers to give their approval.

      2. Set a minimum number to approve: You can define the number of approvals a request needs before it can be approved.

      3. Important

        • if one approver rejects the request in either case above, the approval is marked as Declined.

  6. Click Save. This will add the approval to your workflow. The transitions will now display a and , which show the ‘Approved’ and ‘Declined’ paths. These transitions will no longer be available whilst there is an approval pending. Once the approval is approved or declined, the request will transition automatically.

  7. Click the Save and close button in the top right to save the workflow.

Selecting Customer selects approvers will add an Approvers field to the Customer portal fields. You can reorder or add a display name and description there in the request type configuration page. However, to remove this field or move it to Context fields, you must go to the workflow and edit the approval there.

If you have any approvals set up on your request type, Approvals will appear at the top of the Context fields category. This contains information about all the approvals you currently have set up on your request type. To edit these, head to the workflow.

Last modified on Apr 6, 2021
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