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Add Confluence to set up knowledge base

You should follow the steps on this page for adding Confluence in Jira Service Management only if you are using Atlassian’s new cloud billing engine. Learn more about Atlassian’s new billing engine.

Jira Service Management leverages the power of Confluence to make knowledge creation and management seamless for your team. It does this by bringing the rich editing features of Confluence directly to your service project’s knowledge base.

To set up your knowledge base in Jira Service Management, at a minimum, you’ll need to have a Free plan of Confluence on the same site.

  • If you already have Confluence on your site, learn how to link knowledge base spaces to your service project. All your drafts and published pages from those Confluence spaces will appear in your service project.

  • If you do not have Confluence on your site, you’ll need to manually add it.

You need to be a site admin or an organization admin to add Confluence to your site. If you do not have the required permissions, contact your site admin.

Adding Confluence to your site

To add Confluence to your site:

  1. Select the app switcher from your top navigation menu.

  2. Select Administration.

  3. Select the cloud site where you want to add Confluence to power your knowledge base.

  4. Select Products in the top navigation menu.

  5. In the left navigation menu, under Sites and Products, again select the site where you want to add Confluence to power your knowledge base.

  6. In the left navigation menu, select Discover new products under Explore.

  7. On the Discover new products page, select Try it now under Confluence.

  8. Select Get Started to add Confluence to your site.

After successfully completing these steps, you should be able to manage spaces and permissions from Project settings > Knowledge base.

Removing users to power knowledge base for free

To use the knowledge base for free, you are required to remove site admins and other groups from Confluence to reduce the count of billable users to zero.

When you add Confluence to your cloud site, site admins are automatically added as billable users. If the total count of users is greater than 10 for your site, you will be required to pay for product access to Confluence after the trial period is over.

Learn more about Confluence Cloud plans.

To remove user groups in Confluence:

  1. Go to admin.atlassian.com.
    If you're an admin for multiple sites or an organization admin, select the site's name to open the Atlassian administration for that site.

  2. Select Products from your top navigation menu.

  3. Find Confluence and select the More menu (⋯).

  4. Select Manage product access.

  5. Under Group, select the groups that you want to remove. For powering knowledge base for free, you can remove site-admins groups.

  6. Select the More menu (⋯), and then select Remove group from product.

  7. Refresh the page to confirm that your site does not have any billable Confluence users.

By removing groups, site admins can ensure that every user in these groups will stop having product access to Confluence. It also helps in ensuring that the new users won’t automatically get product access to Confluence.

When inviting new users to your site, admins must not give these users product access to Confluence.

If the group you want to remove is a default group, you’ll find that the Remove group from product option is disabled. In this case, you’ll need to select the group, and then select View group’s details. It will take you to the Groups page where you can view and remove individual users from that group.

Learn more on how to remove Confluence product access for users in your site.

Switching to a different Confluence plan

You can always assess your team’s requirements, check how many of your users need to have product access to Confluence, and then adjust your user access and billing accordingly.

Learn more about Confluence Cloud plans

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