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Coordinate changes with a calendar

With Confluence, you can schedule changes. Use Team Calendars to track changes, and schedule change to coincide with business events.

You must have a linked Confluence space to coordinate changes with your calendar. Make sure you have team calendars plugin for confluence installed. Learn how to install team calendars.

To set up a change calendar with Team Calendars for Confluence:

  1. In Confluence, go to your team's space.

  2. From the sidebar, select Calendars.

  3. Select Add calendar.

  4. Viewing the calendar, select Add event.

  5. Select the Event Type drop down and choose Jira Issue Dates.

  6. Under Display, select the JQL (advanced) and enter the following:
    project = "<YOUR IT SERVICE PROJECT NAME>" AND issuetype = "[System] Change"

  7. Under Date range, select Add start and end date…

  8. Select Change start date as the start date. Select Change completion date as the end date.

  9. Click Add. You can add multiple date ranges using different fields as well.

  10. Select OK.

The calendar automatically picks up the start and end dates of change requests from your service project. Then, it plots them on the calendar.


Last modified on Mar 3, 2021
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