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What is incoming call routing?

This article highlights a new alerting feature that's natively available in Jira Service Management which is gradually rolling out to some Jira Service Management Cloud customers. It may not yet be visible or available on your site.

Incoming call routing provides a phone number and manages the routing of incoming calls to this phone number based on your on-call preferences. This can be used, for example, as a support call hotline that routes incoming calls to the right on-call team members.

How it works?

  • You can forward incoming calls to anyone in the world. If your company has operations in various geographies, you can provide seamless support.

  • You can have the incoming call routing read messages in different languages. This way, callers who speak other languages can use call routing.

  • For each call you receive, Jira Service Management generates an alert. Just like other alerts, you can create rules and policies to route the alert to the right people based on the caller's phone number.

  • You can view basic information about the call, such as if the team member has answered the call or how long the call lasted, through the alert activity log.

  • You can also configure Jira Service Management to prompt the callers to press keys to select which users they want to talk to (for example, Press 1 for tech support, press 2 for sales...).

When you get a call to this number, a welcome message configured by you will be read to the caller before they connect to one of your on-call team members.

While Jira Service Management finds and dials the on-call team member, the caller can listen to the music Jira Service Management plays as they wait. If Jira Service Management cannot get a response from the first on-call team member it reaches, it’ll call the next one on the rotation. If no one is available, the caller will be redirected to leave a voicemail.

Meanwhile, Jira Service Management creates an alert for this call. The users that are responsible for the call are notified via email, SMS, or mobile push that there is an incoming call in progress.

When a user picks up the call, Jira Service Management prompts them with a message to confirm the pickup. This is done in order to prevent voice-machines from picking up incoming calls. After the user presses a number, Jira Service Management connects the call and also acknowledges the alert on behalf of the user that answers the call.

Incoming call routing aims to improve your IT operations by ensuring that incoming calls are systematically managed and quickly routed to the appropriate responders.

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