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Allow anyone to view knowledge base articles

You can set up your knowledge base to be publicly accessible. This means that anyone on the web can find and view your articles, without having to log into to your portal.

This feature is only available on sites that have their knowledge base powered by a paid Confluence plan (Standard or above).

Before you begin:

  • Make sure that your portal is publicly accessible. To check this, go to Project settings > Customer permissions. Check if the access is set to ‘Anyone can send a request via the portal’. 

To allow anyone to view articles in a linked space:

  1. From your service project, go to Project settings > Knowledge base..

  2. Select Who can view next to the linked space that you want to provide access to. Choose Anyone from the drop-down.

Note: If you don’t see or can’t select the option Anyone, please ask a Confluence administrator to enable the global anonymous access settings. Learn more about setting up public access.

To make changes to multiple spaces in one action, select the relevant spaces by checking the box next to the space name, go to the Who can view button above the table and choose from the given options.

If you don’t see the option of Anyone, it may be because:

  1. you’ve used a free plan of Confluence to power your knowledge base, or

  2. the space admin has restricted access to the space in Confluence. You can change this in Confluence if you’re a space admin.

To make the space public in Confluence:

  1. Select the Settings button that appears when hovering over that respective row to go to Confluence permissions settings.

  2. Turn on the View permission under Anonymous access.

This page is for company-managed projects

If the lower-left of your service project sidebar says you're in a team-managed project, check out these team-managed project articles instead.

Learn more about the difference between company-managed and team-managed projects.


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