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Alert notification sounds used in Jira mobile app

The Jira Cloud mobile app delivers notifications on your mobile device to keep you informed about critical alerts, updates, and events related to your team's operations. These notifications help you stay connected and responsive even when you're on the go, ensuring that you can promptly address any issues that require your attention.

A team member can get alert notifications on their mobile for various events. If the user has enabled mobile push notifications, they will receive notifications for an on-call schedule starting or ending, a new alert received or assigned, a note added to the alert, and more. Users can personalize the sounds associated with these notifications, making them more identifiable and responsive.

Special sounds for alert notifications

Jira Service Management has curated a range of sounds to cater to diverse preferences and needs. These custom sounds will be seamlessly integrated into the iOS app for Jira Cloud, providing users with the flexibility to choose a unique tone for different types of notifications. This feature is akin to setting a specific ringtone for incoming calls on a mobile device, but in this case, it's applied to alert and on-call notifications, for a more personalized and efficient response experience.

All the sounds added to the Jira app under the alert notifications feature are fully licensed under the SFX (Sound Effects) multi-use license. This ensures that users have the freedom to use the custom sounds for their response process without any concerns about copyright or usage restrictions.

Sounds used for alert notifications in the Jira mobile app

The alert notification sounds provided in Jira Cloud mobile app are sourced from a third-party website, Audio Jungle and are not licensed by Atlassian. We utilize these sounds to enhance the user experience in alert notifications.

Below is the list of all sounds used for alert notifications:











Old west






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