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Blocking a phone number in a call routing

You might want to block some phone numbers to manage spam or unwanted calls. You can add individual phone numbers or block numbers by certain criteria, such as calls from a specific area code.

To block a phone number in incoming call routing;

  1. From your site settings, go to Products > Incoming call routing.

  2. Select a phone number and view General settings under Call settings.

  3. In the Blocked numbers field, enter the number you wish to block and press Enter

  4. Select Save to save your settings.

Before you proceed, make sure the phone numbers you’d like to block meet some certain criteria:

Phone numbers should start with a plus sign “+”

Each number should start with a plus sign "+", followed by the country code and the rest of the number. This format ensures the system recognizes the number correctly.

Example: If you want to block a specific phone number from the United Kingdom, where the country code is 44, and the local number is 07123456789, you should enter it as "+447123456789". Here, "+" signifies the start of an international phone number, "44" is the country code for the UK, and "7123456789" is the local number.

Use the star sign “*” to block numbers with range

You can block phone numbers by certain area codes or certain prefixes.

Blocking an Area Code: Suppose you want to block all calls coming from a specific area code, say 415 (San Francisco area). You would enter "+1415*****". This setup blocks all numbers starting with +1415, covering the entire area code.

Blocking a Mobile Prefix: If you're receiving spam calls from numbers with a specific mobile prefix, such as numbers starting with +44791 (a common UK mobile prefix), you'd enter "+44791*****" to block all numbers starting with this sequence.

Enter at least three characters to block a number

When blocking a phone number in Jira Service Management, the system requires that the number you enter includes at least three characters. This rule ensures that the entry is valid and prevents errors that might arise from too broad or undefined blocking criteria.

Example: If you're aiming to block a range of numbers from a specific area code or a set of numbers starting with a certain prefix, your entry must include the "+" sign, the country code (which can be one or more characters), and at least one additional digit or character from the number or prefix. So, to block a range within the US area code 212, you would enter "+1212*****".

Here, "+1" is the country code for the US, and "212" is the area code, satisfying the requirement of at least three characters before adding the ***** to block a range.

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