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Use the calendar to view your issues

The features described in this article are available for service projects using the early access calendar only. Learn how to access the calendar early access program (EAP).

You can view and schedule issues across your Jira Service Management service projects using the calendar view. Like queues and boards, the calendar provides a different way to view your issues, focused on the date and time the issue is due, or the period of time over which the work will take place.

Viewing your issues in a calendar gives you a visual representation of your deadlines and project timelines, making it easier for your team to manage their tasks and time effectively. You can also use it to help identify any overlapping tasks or potential bottlenecks in your workflow, so that you can fix potential incidents before they become problems.

From your project’s navigation bar, select Calendar to open the calendar view of your issues. From here, you can:

  • see an overview of your scheduled issues and requests by day, week, or month, or in a list view.

  • select a time in the calendar to create a new issue

  • view or edit the details of existing issues

  • filter issues on the calendar by service project, status, assignee, and request type

For an issue to appear on the calendar it must have the planned start date and planned end date added to the screen and visible on the field configuration for the issue. Learn how to show your issues on the calendar.

As we’re in the early access program (EAP) for the calendar, we’d love to hear from you. If you have feature requests, bug reports, or general feedback, let us know by selecting Give feedback on the calendar page.

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