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Create personal signature with canned responses

Agents or admins can use canned responses to set a personal signature for each project. This signature will be automatically appended when you add a comment on a request using the issue view.

Your personal signature can include any information such as name, designation, contact details, and so on.

To create a signature using canned responses:

  1. Open the issue view of any request that you’re working on.

  2. Select Add internal note or Reply to customer.

  3. Select Canned responses.

  4. Edit an existing personal canned response or Create new to create a new one.

  5. Enter or update the following details:

    • Name - Give a unique name to your response.

    • Availability - This step is only required if you’re a project admin. To create signature, select Personal.

    • Response - Use this field to enter the information you wish to include in your signature.

  6. Select the Use as Signature checkbox.

  7. Select Save or Create to save your signature.

Variables are not supported for signatures. If you’re using an existing canned response as your personal signature, make sure that it doesn’t contain any variables.

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