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Customize help centers in team-managed service projects

You can customize help centers on your site to make them visually distinct and to curate and present help content in a way that is relevant to your audience.

You need to be a site admin or Jira admin to customize a help center.

Branding your help center

Creating a visually appealing help center is essential for providing a seamless support experience for your customers. If you’re on a Premium or Enterprise plan and have multiple help centers, customizing the look and feel of each will make them distinct and stand out.

In every help center, you can set up:

  • Help center name

  • Home page title

  • Help center logo

  • Banner

  • Banner, link, and button color

  • Banner text color

Find out more on how to brand a help center.

Setting up and managing help center URL

Site admins can set up and manage slugs in the help center URL for new help centers on your site.

This feature is available only for users on Jira Service Management Premium and Enterprise plans. Find out more about setting up or changing help center slugs.

By default, your help center URLs use the atlassian.net domain chosen when your organization signed up for Jira Service Management. Organization admins can update the help center URL with a custom domain like your company’s own domain. Check whether you can change the help center URL.

Adding announcements and messages

Announcements on your help center keep your customers updated on important news or service-related issues. Read more on adding announcements to a help center.

You can also add a message on your login page to welcome your customers or guide them through the login process. Find out how to add a login message to a help center.

Translating help center content

If your teams have added translations to service projects on your site, you can choose a language for your login message, announcement, help center name, and home page title. The help center language displays to customers when their profile or detected language isn't available.

Find out more about providing help in multiple languages.

Editing the home page layout

Edit your home page layout to ensure that relevant information is easily accessible to your customers.

  • Create meaningful help topics by grouping request forms, external resources, and knowledge base articles from various portals.

  • Organize and feature portals to help customers quickly find what they’re looking for. Sort the remaining portals by popularity or name.

Find out how to edit your help center’s home page layout.

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