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What is the incident timeline?

The incident timeline shows the entire history of an incident, with constant, real-time updates. It includes stakeholder updates, changes to associated alerts and edits to the incident itself.

Use the incident timeline to track the progress of live incidents as they occur to quickly understand what’s already been done and what more needs to be done to resolve it. You can then review the incident resolution process after the incident has been resolved to learn how to better respond to similar incidents in the future, or prevent them entirely.

You can view the incident timeline for both ongoing and past incidents in Jira Service Management by navigating to the Activity section of the incident.

To view the timeline of an incident:

  1. From your service project, go to Incidents

  2. Select the incident you would like to view

  3. Navigate to the Activity section of the page, where you can view all changes, comments, updates of the incident

  4. You can use Filters in Activity > All to find specific events.

Add internal notes to the timeline

You can add internal notes to a past or the present time, to keep a track of everything that happened during the incident for your team to catch up.


An internal note is being added, and options to save, add it to the past, and cancel are available.

To add an internal note to the incident,

  1. Go to Activity of the incident and select Comments

  2. Select Add internal note to start writing your note

  3. If you’d like to add the note to the past, select Add to past and select a date and time from the past.

  4. Once you’re ready, select Save.

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