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Customize the columns in your customers' requests list

Your customers can track and filter all the requests they have raised and those that are waiting for their approval in the Requests section in the portal.

To make sure that your customers see the most relevant information about their requests and find what they’re looking for faster, you can customize the columns they see in their requests list. For example, you may want your customers to see when a request was raised, but you may not want them to see who is assigned to the request.

You need to be a Jira admin to customize the requests list.

To customize your customers' requests list:

  1. From your service project sidebar, select Channels.

  2. Hover over Help center and select Open.

  3. Select Requests.

  4. Select Customize tab to open up the customization panel.

  5. Check the boxes next to the names of the columns you want to show in the requests list. To hide a column, uncheck the box next to its name.

  6. Select Save changes to confirm your choice.

Last modified on Jul 23, 2021
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