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Add a custom email account in team-managed projects

Your service project comes with a pre-configured cloud email address, but you can also add a custom one to link to an existing email address. Each service project can have one linked custom email account.

You must be a Jira site admin to add a custom email account.

To add a new custom email address:

  1. From your service project, go to Service project settings () > Channels > Email.

  2. Choose your email service provider and complete the requested details.

  3. Select Next.

  4. Complete the steps to link your account.

If you use more than one email address to interact with your customers, set up forwarding rules or aliases in your email clients to receive requests in the email linked to your service project.

This page is for team-managed projects

If the lower-left of your service project sidebar doesn’t say you're in a team-managed project, check out these company-managed project articles instead.

Learn more about the difference between company-managed and team-managed projects.


Last modified on Jul 14, 2021
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