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About form settings

When creating or editing a form, there are a number of settings you can adjust that allow you to choose where a form appears and how it behaves.


This is where you can manage where a form appears and how it can be used in order to raise requests, or create issues. Read more about where forms can be used

Attach to request types – This adds the form to selected request types for your customers to fill it out when raising a request. The form will appear below any already configured Jira fields, and form fields will look much like regular Jira fields. Find out how to add a form to a request type

Create a shareable link – This generates a link that allows you to create new issues using this form in Jira Service Management without navigating to the portal. You can also copy this link, and paste it into a Confluence page to embed forms. Read more about creating a link to a form


This is where you can manage how a form behaves when a request is raised or an issue is created. When a form is submitted, you can choose to:

  • Lock the form so only allow project admins are able to make edits.

  • Save a PDF version of the form each time it’s resubmitted to keep track of any changes.

  • Show the form as recommended to agents when selecting from a list of exisiting forms.

  • Keep the form open for anyone to make edits and resubmit.

  • Ignore all field validation of this form so the issue can still be created. This can only be enabled if the Keep this form open for edits preference is enabled first.


This is where you can select another language for any validation messages and button text, however the form will still appear in the language it was created in.

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