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What are major incidents?

When outages happen on critical services, Opsgenie connects agents to the right teams to resolve incidents quickly. These appear within Jira Service Management as major incidents.

Major incidents are incidents that cause significant disruption to everyday business operations, and usually demand an urgent, high-priority (sometimes all-hands) response. What is or isn’t a major incident should be defined and agreed upon based on your own particular situation. For example, a major incident could be created if critical business service is affected or you have a service outage that affects a pre-defined number of users.

Once set up within Jira Service Management, the Major incidents section (Incidents > Major incidents) connects directly to an Opsgenie site. Learn how to migrate your Opsgenie account.

When a new incident is created and verified in Opsgenie (or via escalate within Jira Service Management), a corresponding alert is created in the Major incidents section within Jira Service Management. This gives agents information and context on issues that customers could be facing and allows them to link related tickets to the major incident.

Ongoing and past major incidents are verified within Opsgenie, and are updated and drawn from services set up in Opsgenie. Learn how to set up services in Opsgenie.

As the major incident evolves or resolves, agents can update customers on developments through comments on incident tickets.


Last modified on Jun 4, 2021
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