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Create a post-incident review using Atlassian Intelligence

Atlassian Intelligence is available and automatically activated for all products on Premium and Enterprise plans. Organization admins can manage Atlassian Intelligence preferences from Settings > Atlassian Intelligence in Atlassian Administration.

This Atlassian Intelligence feature is in beta. Read more about Atlassian Intelligence features.

Post-incident reviews (PIRs) or postmortems are key parts of incident handling; they help teams learn from what happened and share tips to prevent or deal with similar issues later. However, putting these together can take a lot of time and be pretty labor-intensive, so they often get deprioritized. This means the Operations teams might miss out on important lessons.

Using Atlassian Intelligence (AI) speeds up the whole process of generating PIRs. AI automatically generates the incident summary for you, so your on-call teams can save time.

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How does AI-powered PIR creation help on-call teams?

By leveraging Atlassian Intelligence, our goal is to assist on-call teams in decreasing the time required to generate PIRs and minimizing the information loss that often accompanies manual processes. This approach will result in a higher number of incidents being associated with PIRs and in reducing the time to resolve similar incidents in the future.

To generate an incident summary for a PIR using Atlassian Intelligence:

  1. Activate Atlassian Intelligence if you haven’t done so already.
    You must be an organization admin to activate Atlassian Intelligence for Jira Service Management.

  2. Go to your service project.

  3. From the navigation on the left, select Incidents.

  4. Select the incident you want to create a PIR for.

  5. In the issue view, select Add PIR. This will open the issue create modal.
    Under the Description field, Atlassian Intelligence automatically generates an incident summary for the PIR you’re creating.

  6. Select the tick icon to accept the suggestion or the cross icon to discard it.
    If you accept it, the summary is added to the top of the description field.

  7. Make further edits to the AI-suggested incident summary and other content in the template as necessary.

  8. Select Create.

Let us know what you think

As you go through the experience, use thumbs-up 👍 or thumbs-down 👎 for the Atlassian Intelligence-generated incident summary that you can use to create a PIR to let us know if it made sense to you or not. For example, if you believe the incident summary isn’t accurate or incomplete, select the thumbs-down icon and share the details.

How is Atlassian protecting your data?

This particular Atlassian Intelligence feature uses both Atlassian’s machine learning in addition to generative AI. Our machine learning model is individually trained for each customer - your data isn’t used to train a model for other customers, or shared between customers. Additionally, as with all of our Atlassian Intelligence features, your data isn’t used to train any LLMs.

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