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What is Atlassian Intelligence?

Atlassian Intelligence is available and automatically activated for all products on Premium and Enterprise plans. Organization admins can manage Atlassian Intelligence preferences from Settings > Atlassian Intelligence in Atlassian Administration.

How does Atlassian Intelligence work?

Atlassian Intelligence leverages artificial intelligence developed internally and from OpenAI. It uses the Teamwork graph, which is unique to your teams' project or service work, along with internal language models and OpenAI to deliver results specific to the your organization’s context.

Across our product suite, we’ve tailored Atlassian Intelligence features to enhance the productivity of your team. Explore Atlassian Intelligence features in your products

Example: In Confluence your team can use Atlassian Intelligence to generate new content or edit the tone of their writing, summarize the main points of a longer document, or ask questions about where to find a piece of information.

Example: In Jira Service Management, teams can use the virtual agent to ask questions and get an immediate response, or agents can use it to summarize complex requests to get up to speed quicker.

Privacy and security

Atlassian Intelligence has been built with our Responsible Technology Principles – focused on transparency, trust, accountability, human-centricity, and teamwork – and is governed by our security and trust standards.

For more on how Atlassian Intelligence works, its limitations, and our commitment to privacy, visit the Atlassian Trust Center.


Atlassian Intelligence honors any permissions set up in your products. This means that users will not be able to create or generate content based on resources they do not have access to.

Read more on access and permissions in Jira, and Confluence.

Is Atlassian Intelligence right for my organization?

Before activating Atlassian Intelligence, we recommend you confirm with your privacy and security teams that it suits your organization’s needs.

You should not activate Atlassian Intelligence if your organization has a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) in place for HIPAA compliance.

If you have any more questions about Atlassian Intelligence and whether or not it's right for your team, contact support.

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