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What are request types?

Request types are the types of requests that can be raised in your service project. You can add your own request types on top of the set of defaults. Request types can be organized into portal groups to help customers find the request type they need.

Each request type is based on an issue type, and a single issue type can be the basis for many different request types. For example, both the Request new hardware and Request new software request types, could be based on the Purchase issue type. This is because request types manage specific settings such as naming and portal customization, while issue types manage foundational settings like workflows and fields.

If you're setting up service project request types for the first time:

  • Think about how your customer would write a request, for example Purchase a new monitor instead of Submit a hardware request.

  • Break request types down into smaller chunks, such as Get help with printers or Get wi-fi access.

  • Avoid specialist terminology. For example, use I need access rather than Deploy SSH key.


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