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Create a service project

Jira Service Management has a number of project templates tailored to a specific team or use. When creating a service project, selecting the template that best suits the needs of your team will help them to get set up and using their project quickly. Templates include pre-configured request types, workflows, and other features. Discover the different types of project templates.

Only Jira admins can create projects.

To create a service project using a project template:

  1. Select Projects > Create project.

  2. In the Service management section, choose the template that best suits your work. For some templates, you’ll have the option of a team-managed or company-managed project type. Choose one of these to continue, then select Use template.
    Learn more about how these project types differ.

  3. On the Create project screen:

    1. enter a name for your project.

    2. create a project key or use the key generated for you.

    3. select the type of team that will be using the project.

    4. select Change template if you want to switch to a different template.

  4. If you chose a team-managed project:

    1. choose an access level.

    2. choose a default language.

  5. If you chose a company-managed project:

    1. you can bring settings from another project into the one you are creating by selecting Share settings with an existing project and then selecting a project from the dropdown list. This will duplicate the set-up of that project and overwrite your current template selection.

  6. Select Create project.

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