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Run Assets Discovery

Before you can scan your local system using Assets Discovery, you must configure your settings. The Credentials tab allows you to specify the credentials to be used in accessing devices on your network.

If your devices are protected with any credentials, you will have to add these for Assets Discovery to function.

To generate information about your network, Assets Discovery must be run so it can scan your local system. To run Assets Discovery, open a command prompt window with administrator permissions, navigate to your Assets Discovery directory and type:


If Assets Discovery is run without any parameters, a scan will be started across all scan settings. For a more specific scan, you can use parameters to define which scan settings or range of IP addresses you wish to scan.




Scan with all stored settings.

discovery.exe <ScanSettingID>

Scan with a single scan setting specified by the scan setting ID.

discovery.exe -r <ScanSettingID>;<ScanSettingID>...

Scan with multiple scan settings specified by scan setting IDs, separated by semicolons.

discovery.exe -rs <IP-Address>

Manually scan a single IP address.

discovery.exe -stsc

If Assets is running as a service, check and run any pending scans.

discovery.exe -stad

Start collecting data from available Discovery Agents.

discovery.exe -l

Start your local system using the credentials of the currently logged-on user.

discovery.exe -e

This mock-scan generates examplehosts_example and devices_examples files in your Discovery folder.


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