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Connect your Halp queue to your service project

The Halp to Jira Service Management migration tool is in beta. To join, reach out to our support team.

Once you’ve invited your agents, finish your migration by connecting your Halp queue to your new Jira Service Management project.

This process transforms your Halp queue into a service project. After you connect the two, if you need to make changes to your chat settings, you’ll do so in Jira Service Management.

This connection can’t be undone, so ensure you’re ready to start using Jira Service Management before continuing.

Once you’re ready to make the switch to Jira Service Management, follow the below steps on the Migrate to Jira Service Management page:

  1. Select Connect to Jira Service Management.

  2. Review the warning dialog and checkboxes informing you of what will change. When ready, select Continue.

  3. Review your request types (known as Halp forms) to migrate and the desired ticket creation behavior. All active forms must be connected to Jira Service Management, so you’re unable to deselect them from the menu.

  4. Select Connect.

  5. Once the connection finishes, a confirmation dialog confirms which request types migrated successfully.

Your queue is considered fully migrated at this point, and you’re ready to start managing requests and issues in Jira Service Management!

What happens to global fields used by more than one Halp queue?

Once you migrate the first queue using that field, you can no longer add that field to new or existing Halp forms.

For non-migrated queues using that field, you shouldn’t notice any changes. You can still edit any tickets with that field.

What else can I do?

Optionally, you can review the below topics to migrate additional data or customize your service project further:

Additional Help