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Install Assets Discovery agents

How to install Assets Discovery agents

To use Assets Discovery agents, you first must download the Assets Discovery software package and extract the contents, then configure the agent using the Optional Agent settings, and then run the local executable.

If you are currently running a firewall, you must ensure that you can accept connections from the inbound port 51337 to use Assets Discovery agents.

Assets Discovery agents transfer information between themselves and Assets Discovery. This data is AES-128 encrypted. For each transfer, both tools will exchange a session key for the encryption.

  1. Download Assets Discovery from the Atlassian Marketplace.

  2. Create a directory to hold the tool. Please note that Assets Discovery Tool must be able to both read and write data within this directory. 

    1. For Windows users, we recommend creating a new directory in C:\Program Files.

    2. For Unix users, we recommend creating a new directory in /opt/.

  3. Extract all of the files from the Assets Discovery package into your directory.

  4. Within the Assets Discovery directory, you can find the Discovery_Agent_Setup.msi installer package. Run the installation file. 

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