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Set up your service project to match Halp

Halp’s features will be exclusively available in Jira Service Management starting on June 4, 2024. Keep working on requests from Slack or Microsoft Teams as you are today by migrating to Jira Service Management.

Auto assign issues

You can automate assigning issues to your agents to give your team one less thing to worry about.

Learn more about auto assigning issues

Create service level agreements (SLAs)

Service level agreements, or SLAs, help keep your team on track to provide the best help to your customers. Jira Service Management’s capabilities include SLA conditions, goals, and calendars to best serve your customers.

To create SLAs, you need project or Jira admin permissions. Then, navigate to your service project settings to get started.

Learn more about creating SLAs

Unless manually turned off, any Halp SLAs will function until June 4, 2024.

Customize how people get help

Similar to Halp, customers can raise requests through your chat platform (Slack or Microsoft Teams) or email. In Jira Service Management, customers also have access to a self-service help center and portal where they can read documentation and raise requests.


When you migrate to Jira Service Management, your customers' request experience won’t change. They still interact with the Assist bot in Slack or Teams to get help.

Learn more about how customers can raise requests in chat


You can set up email addresses that customers can use to raise requests. Like in Halp, you designate a unique email address for each service project.

Learn more about receiving requests by email

Help center and portal

While customers can still access their requests through either Slack or Teams, they also gain access to a portal where they can raise, view, and respond to these requests. If you choose to set up a knowledge base for your service project, customers can use articles and how-tos to self-service requests that can deflect requests from your agents.

From the help center, customers can also access any portals they have access to on your cloud site.

Learn more about setting up your help center and portal

Manage chat settings

When you’re done migrating, you administer chat from Jira Service Management directly rather than logging into Halp web.

To access your chat settings, log into Jira Service Management. From your service project sidebar, select Channels, then Chat, then Configure.

Learn more about chat

Update customer email notifications

Once you migrate to Jira Service Management, by default, customers receive updates about their requests by chat message and email.

Customers can disable email notifications for each request. If you’d like to disable email notifications for all of your customers so that they only receive updates in Slack or Teams, from your service project settings, select Customer notifications.

You can turn each type of notification, or you can customize them.

Learn more about notifications for your customer and team

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