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Create a new service project for your Halp queue

Halp’s features will be exclusively available in Jira Service Management starting on June 4, 2024. Keep working on requests from Slack or Microsoft Teams as you are today by migrating to Jira Service Management.

Before you can begin migrating your Halp queues to Jira Service Management, you need to have an active Jira Service Management subscription connected to Halp. Then, create your new service project using our migration tooling.

This copies Halp’s queue’s forms, fields, and statuses to corresponding request types, fields, and statuses in the new service project.

We create statuses, fields, and workflows at the global level in Jira Service Management. In Halp, statuses exist only at the queue level, while fields exist at the queue and global levels, depending on where they’re used.

If you’ve deactivated any Halp forms that you’d like copied over to request types in Jira Service Management, turn them back on before migrating. We don’t create request types for deactivated Halp forms.

If you’re using any Halp global fields that aren’t included on a queue’s forms, we won’t create corresponding fields in Jira Service Management. If you need these global fields in your service project, add them to one of your queue’s active forms before following the below steps.

Create a service project

Each Halp queue needs its own service project. To create the service project:

  1. Go to the queue you want to migrate.

  2. From the left sidebar, select Migrate to Jira Service Management.

  3. Select Create service project.

  4. From the dialoge, choose the desired Atlassian cloud site.

  5. Enter a name for your new service project.

  6. Enter a project key.

    1. This prefixes issues in your service project and should be recognizable. For example, for issue IT-123, “IT” is the project key.

  7. Select Create service project.

Repeat these steps for each of your Halp queues you need to migrate. Once you successfully create a service project, you can start inviting your agents and admins.

Use a different service project

If you created a service project but need to use a different one, follow these steps:

  1. From Migrate to Jira Service Management, select Start over next to the service project you created.

  2. After reviewing the warning, if you’d like to proceed, select Start over.

We recommend permanently deleting the service project. Once deleted, repeat the Create service project steps.

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