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Migrating from Halp to Jira Service Management basics

Halp’s features will be exclusively available in Jira Service Management starting on June 4, 2024. Keep working on requests from Slack or Microsoft Teams as you are today by migrating to Jira Service Management.

Get to know your migration home

You can get an overview of your migration from the migration homepage in Halp, which you can access from the globe icon in the left sidebar. Both queue and global admins can access migration home, but queue admins can only view information for their specific queues.

From migration home, you can add your Atlassian cloud site, see how many queues need migrating, view a quick snapshot of your billing information, and access tools to help you export your data if needed.

Understand the queue-by-queue migration approach

You may have multiple teams using Halp at your organization, and each team might not be ready to migrate at the same time. Our migration process allows you to migrate each queue individually rather than an all-or-nothing approach.

Global admins can migrate every queue, while queue admins can migrate each queue they’re an admin for.

Overview of the migration process

The migration process automates many of the steps required to move your data from Halp to Jira Service Management. The migration process includes:

  1. Connecting your Atlassian cloud site to your Halp account

  2. Creating a service project and copying over Halp queue statuses, fields, and forms

  3. Inviting your agents

  4. Connecting your queue and your service project

  5. Migrating your tickets (optional)

  6. Setting up your service project to match Halp (optional)

We consider a queue fully migrated once it’s connected to your service project. Your Slack or Microsoft Teams setup will continue to function during and after the migration process. You’ll customize your setup from the chat tab in your service project settings.

Additional Help