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Migrate Halp tickets to Jira Service Management

Halp’s features will be exclusively available in Jira Service Management starting on June 4, 2024. Keep working on requests from Slack or Microsoft Teams as you are today by migrating to Jira Service Management.

If you’d like to migrate your Halp ticket data to Jira Service Management issues, you can do so right from Halp. This step is optional for your migration, but we encourage it to make the switch between products smoother, and so your help seekers and agents have access to historical ticket data.

You can choose to migrate all open and in progress tickets so your team doesn’t miss any requests. If your agents find historical ticket data helpful, you may choose to migrate closed tickets too.

If you migrate tickets that don’t have corresponding request types — meaning, they weren’t created with a Halp form — the request type displays as Migrated from Halp. You’ll also see a similar prefix on any ticket attachments migrated to Jira Service Management.

If any of your agents use Jira Service Management for Mobile, tell them to temporarily turn off notifications before you migrate tickets.

Follow the below steps on the Migrate to Jira Service Management page.

  1. Go to Migrate to Jira Service Management from your queue.

  2. Select Migrate tickets.

  3. From the Migrate tickets dialog that appears, select which ticket statuses to migrate to your service project.

  4. Select All open and in progress tickets to migrate anything that currently has a status of open or in progress.

  5. When selecting closed tickets, you also need to determine which time interval to migrate. You can select from 30 days to all time.

    1. By default, comment history migrates too. Be aware that if your tickets have several comments, the migration takes longer. If you don’t need to migrate comments, unselect Include comment history for a faster migration.

  6. Once your tickets migrate successfully, Assist sends you a direct message in Slack or Microsoft Teams letting you know.

Potential ticket migration errors

Since you can customize Halp and Jira Service Management for your team, it’s possible you may run into errors while migrating tickets.

If there are errors, Assist will send you a message in Slack or Microsoft Teams letting you know. The message includes a link to download a CSV that includes any errors and recommended steps to resolve. You can only access the link for 7 days, but you can contact our support team to regenerate it if needed.

Deactivated Slack or Teams users

If the Halp ticket assignee or requester doesn’t have a email associated with their Slack or Teams profile — often seen if they’ve been deactivated — there will be some changes made to the issue in Jira Service Management:

  • If there is no user email associated with the original requester, we set the Assist bot as the requester. Assist posts any comments on behalf of the requester using their Slack or Teams display name.

  • If there is no user email associated with the agent assignee, the issue will be unassigned.

This is expected behavior, so these aren’t included in the ticket migration error CSV.

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