What is an Atlassian account?

If you’re an admin and want to learn more about managed accounts, see What are managed accounts? instead.

Your Atlassian account is your online Atlassian identity that exists independently of the Atlassian products you use. The account includes attributes like your email address and display name. When an admin sets up permissions or tags you as the owner of specific data, they use your Atlassian account.

With an Atlassian account, you log in with one account to any Atlassian products, such as Jira, Jira Service Management, Confluence, Bitbucket, Opsgenie, Statuspage, Trello. You don't need to manage separate accounts for each of these products.

An Atlassian account is like a Google account. When you log into your Gmail account, you can also log in to YouTube, Google Docs, and Google Drive with the same ac. When you log into Jira with your Atlassian account, you can also log in to any other Atlassian product like Trello, Bitbucket, and others.

Jira Service Management accounts

A portal-only customer account for Jira Service Management isn't an Atlassian account, but is created and managed directly in Jira Service Management. You'll only have a customer account if you're logging into another company's Jira Service Management as a customer.

Managed account

Your admin manages your Atlassian account and your access to Atlassian products. You become a managed account when your admin verifies your Atlassian organization with your account email address. In some cases, you'll need to contact your admin to change your account email address, password, and other account details.

To confirm your admin manages your account:

  1. Select your Profile image > Profile from the menu.

  2. Select Manage your account.

  3. Select Email to confirm your account is managed.

To find the name of your organization:

  1. Select your Profile image > Profile from the menu.

  2. Select Manage your account.

  3. Find the name of your organization.

On the profile and visibility page, if you see you're not a member of an organization, contact Atlassian. We can put you in touch with the correct admin to resolve the issue.

Unmanaged account

When you are an unmanaged account, you are the owner of your Atlassian Account. If you manage your Atlassian account (that is, the account is not managed by your company/admin), you can update the details of your account.

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