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What users and roles are there in Jira Service Management?

Service project users are people who work on or send requests. Jira Service Management has licensed users who require a license to interact with the service project and unlicensed users who can interact with the service project for free.

Your service project has the following users:

  • Project administrators are licensed users who set up the service project and users.

  • Agents are licensed users who work on customer requests and add customers to the project. Agents are referred to as Service Desk Team role in the service project.

  • Customers are unlicensed users who send requests to your service project through the portal, email, or widget. Customers can't log in to Jira applications and don't have access to the service project view used by administrators and agents.

  • Organizations are groups of customers that are shared across projects.

Learn how to add or remove customers and group customers into organizations.

You need different permissions to manage different types of users in the project.

These roles have the following permissions:

  • Jira administrators can manage users and licenses across multiple projects.

  • Project administrators can add agents from other projects. They can also manage customers and organizations.

  • Agents can manage customers and organizations.


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