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What users and roles are there?

Service project users are people who work on or send requests. Jira Service Management has licensed users who require a license to interact with the service project and unlicensed users who can interact with the service project for free.

Your service project has the following users:

  • Project administrators are licensed users who set up the service project and users.

  • Agents are licensed users who work on customer requests and add customers to the project.

  • Customers are unlicensed users who send requests to your service project through the portal, email, or widget.

  • Organizations are groups of customers that are shared across projects.

You need different permissions to manage different types of users in the project.

These roles have the following permissions:

  • Jira administrators can manage users and licenses across multiple projects.

  • Project administrators can add agents from other projects. They can also manage customers and organizations.

  • Agents can manage customers and organizations.

Last modified on Nov 9, 2020
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