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Use the Jira Admin Helper

The Jira Admin Helper is a free, bundled plugin that Jira Administrators can use to answer questions such as:

  • Why isn’t my field showing up on view/edit/create screens?

  • Why can/can’t a user see a certain issue?

Field Helper

You can use the Field Helper to help you determine why a custom or a system field is not appearing on a specific screen. Click the Where is my field? link on the create, edit, and view issues pages, as well as the issue navigator, to access the Field Helper.

You can then search for the field name to learn which projects and issue types may need to be updated.

Permission Helper

The Permission Helper can help you figure out why a user can or can't see a certain issue.

  1. Choose > System.

  2. Click Admin Helper > Permission Helper.

  3. Enter the name of the user whose permissions you want to check. Leave this blank for anonymous users.

  4. Enter the issue key you want to look into. For example, the issue that the user cannot see.

  5. Select the permission that you want to check for the user.

  6. Click Submit.


Additional Help